8 things your child’s bedroom should have

child’s bedroomchild’s bedroom
child’s bedroomchild’s bedroom

8 things your child’s bedroom should have

Parents can have a ball when it comes to decorating their child’s bedroom. From the duvet cover to the display teddies, wall art and more, there are countless ways to decorate children’s bedrooms to look modern. And the lovely thing about decorating your child’s bedroom is that there are no rules.

Here are a few things that you need to include in your child’s bedroom.


A comfortable bed: While comfort isn’t a child’s first priority, it’s a good foundation to have throughout their lives for improved well-being. You can buy your child the latest cartoon duvet cover or you can keep colours neutral and dress up their room up with colourful teddies and statement pieces. A warm, soft bed is inviting and comfortable, especially when your child might spend plenty of time playing on it before they go sleep.


Something that lights up: Having a headlight above their bed is harsh for your child. Try and create a lighter atmosphere by putting up fairy lights or glowing objects that let off just enough light to see without being blinded by the brightness. Most children sleep with the light on, so if that is the case with your child, make sure your light display brings comfort and warmth to their bedroom.


Practical objects: By practical objects, it’s items such as a clock and bookshelf. Depending on their age, most children won’t be able to read or tell the time, but reading to them before bed and telling them what the time is will help them to understand the importance of routine. Over time, they will become so familiar with doing the same that they will learn how to do it themselves. It’s especially important to read to your child before bedtime because it will feed their imagination and nourish their minds.


Something to snuggle with: Teddies, teddies and more teddies. Many children like to snuggle with something. Be it a blanket or a teddy, they need something soft to hug and to hold while they’re laying in bed. These small touches can bring your child plenty of joy and comfort.


Something handmade: Try and add a personal touch to the mix by incorporating something that they have hand painted or made themselves. Their bedroom should be all about them. And when they’ve created something special that you’re proud of, do not miss out on the opportunity to hang it up somewhere. This is also an opportunity to let your child choose something at the shop that they like. You’ll be there to guide them where need be, but sometimes adding their own unique touch can make things special.


Add some colour: As mentioned, having a statement piece in your child’s bedroom is a great way to dress things up and to add a touch of colour to their bedroom. For example, try looking at colour pillows, blankets, chairs, rugs and other essential furniture pieces. This also signifies how much colour your child brings to your life, so take the time to make their bedroom your own little masterpiece. While your child might not understand or agree with you about your decor style, it’s something for you to be proud of.


Curtains: Choose colourful, playful curtains for your child’s bedroom. Nowadays, shops tend to sell matching bedding and curtains with cartoon characters on them, which could really excite your child. Curtains are extremely important because it blocks out the sun and allows your child to feel at ease. The type of curtains that you choose doesn’t need to cost you an arm and a leg because they’re not statement pieces for your home. It’s simply there to add warmth and colour to your child’s bedroom. Where you purchase your curtains in South Africa or surrounds will determine the quality of the drop you’ll get.


Creative storage: Your child is going to enjoy plenty of different games and toys when they’re young, and it doesn’t stop there. They’ll continue to get these items as gifts as they grow older. As much as you’d love for him or her to have access to these toys whenever they want, leaving them on the floor is going to make the room look messy and cluttered. You will need to offer them enough storage space to be able to store all these goodies with ease. However, just pack them in places where your little human can reach them.


Final words

As you can see, there are so many unique elements that you could incorporate into your child’s bedroom to give it that extra pop! Decorating any type of bedroom is a costly project which requires a budget to complete. However, for a new mom, this decor project is exciting because you’ll be able to explore your creative side when decorating their bedroom. Make the most of it. It’s a fun, wonderful experience.

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